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Say energy management’ to a business and be greeted by blank stares or defensive postures. Businesses either have no idea how to manage the energy within their business, or find it too time consuming and expensive to invest in.  Unfortunately, the hard truth is that businesses need to not only take control, but attack their energy use.

Time and again businesses neglect to manage their energy use. It’s the one area where invoices are not queried but simply paid. There is something businesses can do however.

Apollo Energy Tech Energy Management
Apollo Energy Tech offer businesses energy management products which will enable businesses to not only reduce the energy they use, but monitor, analyse and attack it, managing your energy use effectively and reporting your results accurately.

Apollo Energy Tech do this with various tools. They monitor your energy use and your business practices to understand how your business works and how you use your energy. They then look at energy invoices to establish whether businesses are paying the right amount for the energy they use.
The next stages are to reduce the energy use by both immediate and long term measures such as fitting timers to lights, replacing equipment and reverse energy auctions.

The final stage is to look at installing generation products, which, together with FIT and RHI payment schemes enable businesses to further reduce the costs of energy within their business, and get paid to do so.

All of this means that businesses can effectively manage their energy


Is China the future?

China, which is expected to double its demand for energy in the next 15 to 20 years, currently consumes 45% of the world’s fossil fuels. This will mean that an additional 45% of oil, gas, coal, and mineral resources will have to be found. In the 1970’s oil was changing hands at around $10 per barrel. Today, new fracking techniques (getting oil, rather than blood out of a stone) will cost at least $80 per barrel, and this cost will increase as the oil rich reserves are quickly used up.


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