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A lack of design understanding is reducing the benefits of installing PV on buildings.

If this problem is allowed to continue then Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) will continue to under-perform.

Improved training and gaining technical skills, it is believed, could result in an increased production (up to 500MWh/year of clean PV electricity) in the European Union (EU) alone. Because of this, all architects, engineers and building designers are being offered free access to a means of improving their use of PV, either via a CD-ROM or by accessing a website.

New website projects are making user-friendly design guides available architects and building designers which will allow them to make better informed decisions about the PV Systems they are planning to install.

However, what is proving to be more beneficial is the building energy efficiency, including expert installation of solar panels as well as bio-mass boilers and wind turbines, is being contracted out to experienced and expert design, consultancy and installation companies.

This strategy, it is widely thought, is the cost effective way to improve overall energy efficiency of commercial and domestic buildings, including offices, factories, warehouses and residential dwellings.



Is China the future?

China, which is expected to double its demand for energy in the next 15 to 20 years, currently consumes 45% of the world’s fossil fuels. This will mean that an additional 45% of oil, gas, coal, and mineral resources will have to be found. In the 1970’s oil was changing hands at around $10 per barrel. Today, new fracking techniques (getting oil, rather than blood out of a stone) will cost at least $80 per barrel, and this cost will increase as the oil rich reserves are quickly used up.


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